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02 December 2010 @ 10:50 pm
♠ Found this Kuroshitsuji vid  on my computer. Started it ages ago while the second season was still airing, but pretty much forgot about it orz. Figured I should still upload it in stead of delete it, though it's not my best work. Oh well, enjoy it and let me know what you think <3 

♠ Ugh, so the Netherlands caught up with the rest of the world. It's been -10 °C all day *shivers* What makes it worse was when yesterday, when it felt like -15. I found myself for 2 hours in a collegeroom with a broken heater. At the end my teeth were clattering and I was wrapped up in all the pieces of clothing I had with me that day, even my scarf XD And lets not forget all the troubles with trains and subways... Snow looks gorgeous and I would be sad if we didn't have it once a year, but I'd rather have summer, lol

♠ As for fandoms, first of all, let me fangirl about D.N.Angel. I couldn't believe it! The mangaka hadn't forgotten Krad ;3; And yes, I squee-ed. I missed that psychotic angel <3 His hair alone is worth a dramatic, loving gasp. *continues rambling about her favorite underappreciated character from that fandom*
On the other hand, seems like the series is working towards an ending? I guess it's good considering this series had (next to X/1999...) the longest haitus' I've ever known and I don't know how long I'll be interested in it if it keeps being this slow. B-but I also think there is so much storyline yet to be covered! I really hope it won't end utterly disappointing..

Bleach: Lets just say the last page surprised me. Now I know losing a limb or two isn't a big deal in the world of Bleach, but still. Ouch.

D.Gray-man: I'm still not really liking the new artstyle, because it's so chaotic. But the chapter was still nice. Can't wait to see what'll happen with Allen! And Timcampy. You are awesome. And you freaked me out. 

Psychic Detective Yakumo: Hmm.. I don't know how to feel about this show. I like it, adore the leading characters (even the girl, which rarely happens) but idk, the storyline seems to be a bit cliché-ed. With the whole cruel-villain-wants-to-make-leading-character-feel-despair-etcetc. And also, my love for villains makes me frown a little bit and think they could've done better. The guy's getting a bit repetive with his ~mysterious~ monologing, lol. But I still love Yakumo <3

♠ I want to see Tangled so badly! First I was a bit muah, but the trailer cracked me up and the animation is gorgeous. It may not be the classic Disney I love so much, but I'll give it a change. I already love the horse XD

"My sweet summerchild, you know nothing about fear" 

Game of Thrones, you better not disappoint me!
02 December 2010 @ 02:02 pm

/stalking f-list for this meme & trying to think up nice/original things to say ♥



I feel so accomplished, lol. Now don't tell me it sucks, because that will break my exhausted heart XD

Forgive me for the f-list spam, orz
25 November 2010 @ 05:50 pm

Dear self, why do you suck so much and keep procrastinating?

♠ To everyone who celebrates it, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  ♥

♠ Lately I've been spammed with posts/adds/random notes about Tumblr, so I've been considering getting myself an account. Is it any fun?

Bleach: Still interested. The new guy keeps reminding me about Aizen though, don't know why. But he seems pretty interesting. And all that stuff about Urahara is making me curious.. is Kubo trying to make him the new villain, with all the "are you sure you really know Urahara?". Hmm.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Hi there Enma~ I'm still too lazy to catch up though, I'm only here to root for Byakuran. /shot

Kuroshitsuji: I have a new favorite character: Snake! He was so adorable this chapter and I love seeing him in his new clothes <3 And Ronald! Things are looking good!  

Pandora Hearts: What is there not to love in this chapter? I loved the Gil/Vincent interaction, Oz freaked me out for some reason (idk why, his expression when Gil came for him accompagnied by the "disappear" written underneath it must have done that to me XD), "STOP THAT YOU IDIOT!" made me laugh out loud & Gilbert claiming to be Break's left eye and Raven appearing made me squee. So yeah, once again an epic chapter and I can't wait for the next one!
Now I only hope we'll get a Glen/Jack scene. I'll even settle for a small flash-back. I want more Glen ;3;

And now... an obligated Harry Potter 7 review:

Err yeah *scratches the back of her head*. I guess I owe Yates an apology... I found myself sitting in the cinema, ready to metaphorically  throw some rotten tomatoes at the screen when I suddenly realised I had already seen 30 minutes of the movie and never once felt annoyed, second-hand embarrassed or horrified. Congrats Yates & team, you didn't screw up!

Pretty cut saves you from spoilers Collapse )

Heh. Stay fierce forever, Snape <3

20 November 2010 @ 12:32 am
So I was just walking through a bookstore today, innocently stealing a glance at the manga section, but knowing it'll never have all the series I love.



Also watched Moulin Rouge tonight. I LOVE THIS SCENE SO MUCH ♥ EWAN MCGREGOR=PERFECT.

/yes, today it's capslock-over-kill-day
18 November 2010 @ 11:59 pm
♠ I'm definitely pumped for the Christmas cards exchange ♥ Really, I didn't expect so many people wanted to exchange cards!
If you also want a Christmas card from me, but haven't told me yet, you can comment here, don't be shy!

♠ IF EVERYTHING WORKS OUT I'LL BE SEEING HARRY POTTER 7 MONDAY! I'm so excited, yet also scared to be disappointed again XD Oh scratch that, I KNOW I'm going to bitch about it the second I've seen it, but hey, I'll still see Jason Isaacs in a pretty blond wig~ And I'm really curious for the Ministery scene, I loved that one so much in the books!
But on the other hand, the reviews in the newspapers already confirmed my fears: though the special effects and the acting are good, Yates sucks at creating a good/powerful scene. Why didn't they get that guy from HP4? That part with Cedric's dad ("that's my boy! That's my son!") still makes me tear up ;__; And hell, I never really cared for Cedric. I did care a lot for Sirius, cried during the books, only blinked once during the movie and went: "Ah... I suppose he's dead now..... Yeah... HEY! I SHOULD BE CRYING RIGHT NOW!!" Same goes for Dumbledore's death ><


Yup, I'm frustrated xD

I will still see it of course. My Harry Potter love will never permit me not to watch all the movies at least twice~

Berserk: And suddenly there are chapters again <3 The storyline became very interesting again (yeah, I didn't care much for the pirates and all..) with the return of the moonlight boy! I really support the idea that he is somehow the son of Guts and Casca (even if the fetus was absorbed by Griffith/Femto, but who knows!) and even if not, I like the effect he has on them. I do hope Griffith will appear in the next chapter again, I'm curious as to what the bastard is doing with his new kingdom~ (A-and I want a new Guts/Griffith confrontation, being the foe yay obsessed fan I am.)

Bleach: What's this? I'm actually getting interested again! And that guy reminds me way too much of Aizen, only less handsome..

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: I feel cheated on. Where is Byakuran? Dx I even searched every part of LJ for a nice icon of him, damnit,

Pandora Hearts: New chapter looks great! Can't wait until the translation comes out <3 Is it me or is the art getting better and better with every new chapter? Especially Gil looked gorgeous x3

♠ The new Supernatural episode can't come soon enough. The promos/previews are killing me XD

♠ On a whole different note, I have almost finished that PH mmv! Only a small part left... *twitches* God, this is the longest project I've ever worked on, but I'm so afraid everyone will think it sucks *runs away crying dramatically*
13 November 2010 @ 04:49 pm
So yeah, in order to do anything but my Spain/England essay (so many books to read DNW) I figured it was time for another layout update. No header this time, but I still like it <3

-------> lostxfairytale  <---------
I also decided to join the cool kids (and finally get a good grip on all the animanga I watch/read and music I listen) so I made both an My Anime List & Last.fm account. Don't know if there is any point in friending people over there, but as always, I would love to be your friend if you also have an account <3

- My Anime List: http://myanimelist.net/profile/lostxfairytale
- Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/lostxfairytale

Small question about MAL: for some reason my anime list/stats aren't showing up. Anyone any idea why not?


♠ I've been feeling a bit "muah" these last few days. I blame the weather. Seriously, the sky doesn't have any color, save from dark rainclouds... That and the fact I haven't really had contact with my best friends from high school. Call me cheesy, but damn, I miss them.

Bleach: Not impressed by the new arc. I am only keeping a small eye on it because I hope Aizen and/or Grimmjow will return again.

Game of Thrones: I'm still very exited about this, especially because of the great actors that have been joining the project. There is only one thing I'm worried about. The sex. Knowing HBO (and reading the posts on Winter is Coming) there is going to be a lot of it. Even more than in the books, and that is already a lot. I'm afraid it's going to be OMGLOOKIT'SEXPLICITSEX instead of an awesome story with some sex. I don't want another Tudors or Spartacus orz. And then to think my main concern before was that they were going to be too prudish.
On the other hand I do approve of more Renly/Loras scenes and the notorious praying scene, of course

♠ The Harry Potter 7 premiere is coming so close!! I know I'll be disappointed (as you all know I think Yates is a horrible director) but my HP makes me so exited for it!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Aw, no Byakuran... And since I haven't really been following this arc, I have no idea who that new family is, lol. I'm still not very motivated to read all of it though...

Yeah.. this is not a very interesting post, I know XD
08 November 2010 @ 10:32 pm

Because basically I've hit my biggest amv-making-block EVER... I have way too many amvs that I started some day and never finished and now I have absolutely no idea which one to finish first orz

So yeah, because I'm cheesy like that, I figured I should make some pics of every amv I've made, post them here and let you guys decide which one to finish first and which one never, lol

Help a poor girl out y/y?

Some APH, one PH & one KHR~Collapse )
07 November 2010 @ 08:41 pm
♠ Welcomewoodwindcloud_vongolastarsbrightjiseihakushaku & osaka01 from that Pandora Hearts friending meme! It's nice to meet all of you ♥

 ♠ As always I'm behind on birthdays, so a very belated happy birthday to mycolor & a not so belated happy birthday to juju_eyeball! I hope you both had a great day~

 ♠ Yesterday I went to Cirque du Soleil's Totum! And it was great! Most of the time I found myself just staring and wondering how the hell people could do such acts. I mean, it's pretty amazing for one man to have a Idon'tknowhowfreakinglong pole on his head with on top of that other man doing all kinds of acrobatic things. Without holding it with his hands. It was just standing on his head. My neck would break 0_0

♠ Started watching Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru / UraBoku. I love the art! And the series itself of course...  even if it's quite cheesy sometimes XD There is only one negative point... the leading character. God, I want to strangle the guy. He is such an extreme purity sue that it's getting annoying (really, does every single secondary character have to either think, talk, cry or worry about him every single second? They got lives too damnit.) And he's just too good. No one is like that. Then again, as always I love those secondary characters way more than the leading ones, lol. I adore Kanata/Reiga the most <3

Supernatural: Crowley. Marry me. Now. You're so awesome <3 Really, I didn't see that twist coming XD 

♠ Also, I finally saw How To Train Your Dragon! \o/ And I loved it. Toothless is so adorable~
Ehm yes, in case you were wondering, those Cas/Toothless comparisons made me watch the movie
05 November 2010 @ 04:27 pm

Okay, this has been a very good week in mangaland. Why, you might ask? Because two of my favorite villainscharacters finally returned ;3;
First, D.N.Angel. Why hello there Krad. I saw you. It may have been a small panel, but I saw you. Be in the next chapter please?  
Secondly, KHR. Missed you Byakuran! I knew you would come back eventually! And I'm so glad you still have wings ♥

Two insane, white-clad, winged villains in one week. It's almost unbelievable! /runs away crying

Now if only X/1999 made an epic comeback my life would be complete